Social skills are an important part of our everyday lives.  We need these skills to develop relationships and be successful in the school, home, and work environment.  

Many individuals are born with the ability to naturally navigate social situations and learn new skills through experiences.  However, for individuals who do not innately have these skills, the skills must be taught.  Without direct instruction on hidden social rules and related skills, these individuals will likely have difficulty with social situations and peer relationships.

Adaptable Minds creates individualized therapy plans based on the specific needs of each person.  We use curriculum, activities, and information from a variety of published and well-known sources including, but not limited to:

  • Social Thinking™ and other programs by Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Unstuck and On Target by Lynn Cannon, Lauren Kenworthy, Katie Alexander, Monica Adler Werner, and Laura Anthony
  • The Language of Perspective Taking by Marilyn Toomey
  • Social Stories
  • Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers M.A. Ed., OTR/L 

Diagnoses related to social skill challenges can include:

  • Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder
  • High functioning autism
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Social cognitive learning challenges
  • Social adaptive issues
  • Social anxiety issues  
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder  
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified
  • ADHD

Parent involvement:  Parents play a critical role in reinforcing concepts taught during therapy sessions. While a lot can be learned during sessions on a weekly basis, if these skills are revisited and emphasized outside of therapy, progress and generalization will increase significantly.  Because your role is critical, parents are asked to spend 10 minutes each session reviewing concepts and vocabulary used during therapy.  This way you will be more comfortable knowing and using the terms on a regular basis.  In addition, we are happy to incorporate personal experiences that you or your child has encountered.

Adaptable Minds focuses on group therapy sessions that target social skills in individuals with normal intelligence and language skills.  These individuals can range in age from 4 to 90 years old!  Groups are created based on age and similar skill level.  Individual therapy sessions can be requested.

Candidates for Social Skills Therapy 

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