Classroom Observation -

Includes a 60 minute observation at your child's school to help address concerns and needs at school.  A write-up of the observation will be provided and will include your child's speech and language strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the classroom environment.  Strategies and recommendations can be provided to the teachers/school.

Social Skills -

Includes 45 minutes of individual or group therapy followed by 10 minutes of parent talk time.  

Some challenges potentially present with social skill deficits include initiating and maintaining conversations and social interactions, understanding social cues and non-verbal language, perspective taking, problem solving, cognitive flexibility​, and controlling impulsive behaviors (yelling out comments or answers)​. 

Diagnoses related to social skills challenges can include, but are not limited to Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, High Functioning Autism, social cognitive learning challenges, social adaptive issues, social anxiety issues, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and ADHD.

We use curriculum from the following sources:

  • Social Thinking™ by Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Unstuck and On Target by Lynn Cannon, Lauren Kenworthy, K. Alexander, Monica Adler Werner, and L.  Anthony
  • The Language of Perspective Taking by Marilyn Toomey
  • Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers M.A. Ed., OTR/L 

​Adaptable Minds focuses on group therapy sessions that target social skills in individuals with normal intelligence and language skills.  These individuals can range in age from 4 to 90 years old!  Groups are created based on age and similar skill level.  Individual therapy sessions can be requested.

We strongly encourage caregivers to utilize the language we teach for increased success and carryover to all aspects of the client's life. 


In-Services - 

We are able to present on a variety of topics to school staff, parents, or other community members.  Presentation topics include speech and language developmental milestones, speech and language disorders, social skills, executive function, organization, and strategies to utilize at home and at school.

Group Speech and Language Therapy - 

​Includes 45 minutes of direct therapy with the clients and 10 minutes of review with the caregiver.  Sessions can be conducted at the child's school or at our office location.  Groups include two to five individuals who have similar areas of weakness. 

Consultation -

​A variety of consultation services are available to help maximize your child’s success outside of the therapy session.  These services include reviewing school based IEPs, attending IEP meetings, consulting with other care providers, and additional family information sessions.  

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Individual Speech and Language Therapy -

​​Includes 45 minutes of direct therapy with the client and 10 minutes of review with the caregiver.  Sessions can be conducted at the child's school or at our office location.  Treatment goals are based off of weaknesses identified in the initial assessment and can include, but is not limited to, receptive language, expressive language, articulation, phonological processes, and executive function weaknesses.